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Sri Lanka a land like no other, a topicalized Island surrounded by the Indian Ocean, coral reefs, sand bars, lagoons and ribbons of rivers flowing down to the sea from the middle up country top mountains, by nature we are blessed with rich biodiversity and home to most exotic and rare species of marine and freshwater habitats.

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Committed to Realize Your Deep Blue Dreams

Aquarium fish keeping culture is amongst the most popular of hobbies with millions of ageless enthusiasts worldwide. And recent advances in fish husbandry and aquatic equipment technology have further facilitated the hobby with the great impetus for its tremendous social, economic opportunities and health prospects. Despite the promising growth, sustainability and perspective global trading there are much constraints and challenges in this lucrative business. 

As a growing and credible exporter we City Pet Lanka committed to bridge those challenges with our business partners. We have been in this business for long enough to identify the resiliences in order to maintain sustainable business relationships. CPL started it’s journey from scratch as a hobbyist, collector, distributor and now an international exporter. Mr.Chanaka Basnayake Managing Partner of CPL laid the foundation for the company entirely out of the enthusiasm of exploring and discovering the beauty and secrets of Tropical fish world. At CPL we cater all your tropical fish needs with the greater passion for Marine fish and Invertebrates specially endemic to Sri Lanka 

Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka is often referred to as “the pearl of the Indian Ocean” considering the fact that country’s rich biodiversity. This tropical island lies in the vicinity of the south-east of India between the tropic of cancer and the equator. Its inland waterways are home to more than 95 species of freshwater habitats out of 53 species endemic. Also, The continental shelf of Sri Lanka supports many reef habitats which house nearly 158 species that can be seen both on coastal and offshore reefs.

The island has a 1700 km long coastline and 30,000km2 continental shelf area up to 120 m depth. And with the sovereign rights over 517,000 km2 of ocean, which is around 7.8 times than the land area of the country, Sri Lanka considered for socio-economic significance with its coastal and marine areas. The ornamental fish industry in Sri Lanka has a history of nearly 100 years when a group of hobbyist and collectors started exploring and discovering exotic fish varieties in the rivers, lagoons, and marine habitats around the country. Sri Lankan exporters gain a competitive advantage over its competitors due to the fact that the country has fished with exuberant colours which are bio-diversified, hence the industry is sustainable. which makes the country one of the most sought-after aquarium fish exporter destinations to the world.

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