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Shipping & Returns

Shipping policy

Getting shipment from our facility to the buyer as quickly as possible is the key to success and requires good planning and scheduling. Many factors are involved in successfully preparing, packing and shipping fish in boxes. It is important to keep in mind that once the bags and boxes are sealed, the fish must be able to survive in the container with a minimum amount of stress until they reach their final destination. However, as soon as the boxes are sealed many key water quality parameters will begin to change—temperature can go up Centerior down, pH typically will fall, oxygen will be consumed, carbon dioxide will increase, etc. While fish can tolerate some change in their environment, especially for short periods, they do not handle rapid changes well. The goal is to prevent these parameters from changing, or at least manage the rate and degree of change to ensure that fish will arrive in good condition.

With CPL any fish can be transported almost anywhere in the world and arrive in healthy condition. We use only the best packing materials for our shipments. And we use only the best and reliable shipping company to handle our shipments. Sky Line Maritime (pvt) Ltd is our shipping partner. Professionals in the business known for their customized cost effective solutions and hassle-free efficient service. You will be provided with following necessary paperwork and documentation. However there is a lot of variation from one country to another as to their rules and regulations. 

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packaging List
  • Airway Bill
  • Health Certificate
  • Certificate of Origin

(If you require further documents, please let us know beforehand)

Further you will be able to use precisely tracking of your shipment during transit, all this and much more in real time!

Return policy - DOA CLAMS

With every shipment our main concern is mortality & stress resistance. We undertake full responsibility for any genuine D.O.A claims. In such event, should be notified immediately to our representative within 24 hours receipt of shipment in order to investigate and proceed with the claim. All claims can be made to suit customer convenience as follows,

  •  Specimens will be replaced in your next shipment
  •  Claim amount will be credited to your invoice before the payment.

[CPL will not accept any claims of damaged or delayed packages, Airline or customer fault].

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